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            How To Cook Like A Pro At Christmas

            Learn how to cook like a pro at Christmas with this guide, which includes tips to help you create a stress-free festive feast. Whether hosting a couple or a crowd, everything from getting prepped before the big day to dishing up a roast to remember is covered. We have also gathered advice from professionals, like MasterChef winner Ping Coombes and celebrity baker Ruby Bhogal, on how to upgrade a cooking set-up, so that homeowners can create the best Christmas dinner yet.

            1. Preparation

            • Prep like a chef

              Save time by prepping veg and making dishes before the big day. These can be refrigerated or frozen until the 25th for a smoother Christmas dinner set-up.
            • Keep cutlery close

              For a less stressful festive experience, neatly store utensils in a dedicated drawer to ensure everything the chef needs is close to hand when preparing dinner.

            2. Time to cook

            • Reliable roasting

              Make this year’s roast the talk of the table by switching to a steam oven. This device will keep meat succulent and transform the way you cook turkey forever.
            • Perfect your parboil

              Say goodbye to waiting for the kettle to boil by upgrading to a multi-functional tap. Providing instant hot water, it will save time when preparing veg for holiday dishes.

            3. Clean as you go

            • Cut counter chores 

              Spend more time entertaining and less time cleaning by investing in a low-maintenance quartz work surface that can be quickly wiped down.
            • Washing up wonder

              Use a dishwasher to keep dinnerware clean before, during, and after your banquet, so you can get on with other tasks – or relax with family and friends.

            4. Let the magic happen

            • Back up snacks

              Use larder units to stock up on appetisers and nibbles for guests to graze on while dinner cooks, just in case the main meal takes longer than planned.
            • Cheers to Christmas

              To make guests feel more at home, invite them to keep tipples topped up from a drink cooler – so you can focus on cooking as they catch up over fizz.

            5. Serve and enjoy

            • Turn up the heat

              Quickly whip up extra sauce or sauté sprouts with an induction cooktop, which gives instant heat, ensuring last-minute dishes are ready for the table.
            • Win with warming drawers

              Ensure food stays hot and ready to serve with a warming compartment, which also comes in handy for heating plates before dishing up dinner.

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