'Can Do' Project, Bristol

In Bristol ‘Can Do’ co-ordinators work closely with the City of Bristol College. This partnership has helped young adults with learning difficulties, dyslexia and autism achieve a great deal – and some have now gained qualifications in first aid and sports coaching...

In another initiative with a local night shelter, volunteers prepare food for homeless peopleOthers have designed and produced bags and t-shirts, selling them to raise money for the night shelter.

‘Can Do’ activities in Bristol also include taking cakes to a local elderly people’s home, meeting fire officers, and talking to local Police Community Support Officers about their work and keeping safe.

Volunteering gives people the chance to make friends, build confidence and develop skills that may help them get a job. For many reasons, people with disabilities are less likely to have these opportunities, and Leonard Cheshire Disability’s ‘Can Do’ project has an important role to play in changing that. In 2013 alone, Howdens’ support for the project helped 1,251 young disabled people volunteer around the UK, exceeding the 1,000 target.