'Can Do' Project, Hindley

SK Independent Living Services (SKILS) provides opportunities for people with support needs to enhance their life skills through community volunteering. Working in partnership with SKILS in Hindley, ‘Can Do’ has helped volunteers prepare for placements in the Wigan area...

A series of workshops has helped them learn some of the skills they might need when dealing with the public, in a variety of situations. This has involved role-playing, practising welcoming techniques and improving confidence by working as a group.

Some of the volunteers have already started using what they’ve learned at Haigh Hall Country Park, helping restore the disused swan pond and taking turns to help run the crazy golf course. At nearby Hope School, they regularly join in with managing the Grange community café – and have acted as ambassadors for a Wigan Council ‘Moving On’ event, providing information on local services and opportunities for people with disabilities.

The ‘Can Do’ volunteers in Hindley work brilliantly as a team, and are always keen to have a go at something new. Their experience with SKILS will help them benefit from even more opportunities, as they get involved in a growing range of activities in their local community.