Residents do Come Dine with Me

Residents at Cheshire House in Inverness had been waiting with baited breath for the day they’d be able to use their new Inclusive kitchen, and what better way to kick off than with a Come Dine with Me competition...

Over four weekends, 12 residents turned out some spectacular dishes to share with family and friends – something they’d have never been able to do before.

Prior to the donation of the kitchen, it wasn’t possible for residents to cook for themselves, and it was never the multi-functional social space that it is today. Freda, the Manager at Cheshire House, explains;

“We could never have done anything like this in our old kitchen, and service users and staff were certainly not motivated to initiate an event such as this. There is a real change in the atmosphere of the kitchen and it’s become a great gathering place. We can’t thank Howdens enough for our kitchen, and I know we’ll get many years of enjoyment and happiness from it.”