Living room door ideas

Find a living room door to suit your home

Doors can be used to completely change your living room. Consider both style and functionality to achieve a look that is unique to your home.

Brighten the room with French doors

A living room with French doors works well with most décor themes. Also known as double doors, they really open up your home and – if they feature glass panels – help light to circulate. They also create a real ‘wow’ factor, and work well as a stylish design focus. 

Consider fitting double doors that open out onto your garden or terrace, or use them to divide the space between the kitchen and living room. 

Our recommendations

The panels of our Hemlock 310 EGTP2P doors offer a classic look, while letting in plenty of light. For something more traditional, opt for our Glazed hardwood French doors.

Add functional elegance with bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors offer a little old world charm for your living room, while remaining functional. Their space-saving properties make them the ideal kitchen to living room doors, or the perfect dining room entrance. 

Bi-fold doors allow you to neatly section off the other room, while creating a welcoming entry point. Two bi-folds can be hung next to each other to accommodate larger entrances.

Our recommendations

Our 6 Panel grained bi-fold door has a natural-looking grain finish that will brighten up your living room. For a bolder design, choose the Dordogne Oak bi-fold door – a stain finish will add a rustic look. 

Create space with sliding doors

Sliding doors also offer great space-saving properties, and are simple to open and close. They are a great choice for smaller living rooms, but can also really boost a large living space.  

The sleek look of sliding doors allows them to fit well within most homes, whether you would like to achieve a traditional or contemporary look.

Our recommendations

Any of our doors can be fitted with sliding door gear. Our 4 Panel Shaker smooth door will fit most living room styles. 

Door sizing

Our doors are available in a variety of widths, so they can be used in all rooms of the home. Please refer to individual product pages for sizing information.