How to choose appliances for your modern kitchen

Balance functionality and style when selecting your kitchen appliances.

Effective technology is all about making life easier – something to always keep in mind when choosing the right appliances for your modern kitchen. Discover how to balance both functionality and style.

Embrace new technology

Every kitchen should be simple to use, and when it comes to appliances, the latest technology is full of life-boosting features. There are numerous kitchen gadgets available, but the key to choosing the right high-tech appliances for your kitchen is to start with the essentials, and to think about technology that will suit your lifestyle. Some of the latest innovations include smart technology; voice control, Wi-Fi enabled technology and appliances that you can control from your phone, all designed to help daily life run smoothly.

What kitchen appliances should I buy?

It is hard to know which kitchen appliances are essential, as it depends on your needs and lifestyle. However, there are a few musts to consider when planning a modern kitchen:

Opt for integrated appliances

Integrated kitchen appliances are placed behind kitchen doors and cupboards, and work well in modern kitchens. They allow fridges, dishwashers and even extractor fans to blend seamlessly into an attractive bank of kitchen cabinetry.

Placing appliances within cabinetry can help create a more pared back kitchen with a calmer feel, and maintain the clean lines of a sleek handleless kitchen. However, you do not need to rule out all non-integrated appliances. Now that white goods are available in sleek, stainless steel designs, appliances from American-style fridge freezers to island extractor fans have become a feature in their own right.

Choose an effective extractor

An efficient extractor fan is key if your modern kitchen is open plan, so that any cooking smells can be removed quickly. Whether you opt for a concealed canopy model or a more stylish chimney extractor, remember to compare noise levels as well as efficiency. This means you can still unwind in your open plan space while the extractor gets to work.

Bring your oven up to date

When it comes to cooking, range models are becoming increasingly popular, but built-in ovens can deliver a cleaner look and be conveniently set into units at eye level. A pair of ovens mounted side-by-side is a modern take on the traditional stacked arrangement – install a microwave in this way to free up valuable space on your work surface.

Choose appliances that suit your lifestyle

Some appliances will need to be chosen with your own particular needs in mind. Your type of hob, Induction hobs, for example, are very popular with safety-conscious young families, while a couple might find a slimline dishwasher suits them better than a standard model. The size of your fridge-freezer should reflect that of your weekly shop, and other appliances such as washing machines or drinks coolers should be selected based on the amount of space you have available.