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            Handle-Free Kitchen Makeovers

            Explore these handle-free kitchen makeovers to find inspiration from real customer homes for creating a contemporary linear look in any cooking space. Handle-free designs provide a sleek and understated backdrop for cooking, dining, and socialising, whether that uses handleless cabinetry or a discreet integrated handgrip within a door-front. From neutral colours to smart storage solutions, and practical layouts, these handleless kitchen makeovers offer tricks that make everyday life easier, so dive into the details to see how these looks came to life. For more ideas to fuel your creativity, see our complete list of 100 Beautiful Kitchens.

            • 1. A winning white wonder  

              The handle-free winner from our 100 Beautiful Kitchens Competition demonstrates how less really is more, using white integrated units to craft a simply stylish look.

            • 2. Cosy and contemporary

              Cream is a timeless colour that has a warmer tone than white. Choose this cosy colour to create a light, airy living space that always feels inviting.
            • 3. A striking space

              A handle-free design in a dramatic hue will make a bold impact thanks to an uninterrupted block of colour that will keep all eyes on your cooking space.
            • 4. Dial up deluxe

              Choosing integrated handle fronts with a super matt finish will create a low-key backdrop that can be lifted with luxe accents, for a subtle and refined living area.
            • 5. Minimal to the max

              Pairing a crisp white colour with handle-free cupboards offers the ultimate minimal look that is also a foolproof way of making a small room appear spacious.
            • 6. Master mix and match

              Pick a pair of on-trend greys to create a modern mix-and-match design. Handle-free styles suit a two-tone look as they let the colour take centre stage.
            • 7. The power of paint

              Paintable door fronts offer the freedom to pick any colour and pack a design with personality. Go handle-free to make the shade stand out.
            • 8. Glow on with gloss

              To make a narrow room feel more open, handle-free units with a reflective gloss finish will instantly increase illumination and enhance the sense of space.
            • 9. Open-plan options

              When your cooking zone is part of a larger living area, the pared-back style of handleless will help a room adapt to different activities throughout the day.
            • 10. Sail into coastal themes

              For a contemporary take on seaside style, choose blue and white cupboards with a sleek integrated handle, so a nautical theme remains clean and uncluttered.
            • 11. Opt for oak

              Introduce character to a modern living space by including handle-free doors with a grained finish, which adds a welcoming feel and natural warmth to a room.
            • 12. Pick out profiles

              Available in a choice of finishes, decorative profiles emphasise the clean lines of handleless cupboards, leading the eye through the room to elongate a space.  
            • 13. Sleeker shaker

              Pairing shaker design with handleless cupboards balances the best of classic and contemporary interiors, to bring a timeless look up to date.
            • 14. Neutral nest

              Choose integrated handle cupboards in pebble -our newest grey neutral - to create a pared-back cooking area that offers solace after a long day.
            • 15. Sultry symmetry

              When being brave with striking shades, integrated handle cupboards will ensure the focus remains on your statement colour while adding symmetry to a design.
            • 16. A liveable layout

              To make a design low maintenance, focus on a functional L-shaped floorplan that features integrated handle door fronts that are easy to keep clean.
            • 17. Pared-back peninsula

              In smaller rooms, a peninsula layout can gain extra counter and storage space. Opt for simple cupboards that cut out visual clutter for a less crowded look.
            • 18. Shake up single-wall

              Elevate a simple, single-wall layout into something special, by adding the refined detail and heritage appeal of shaker style to a slimline cooking area.
            • 19. Iconic islands

              Set against a minimal backdrop of integrated handle doors, an island will stand out as a show-stopping focal point where you can cook, dine, and socialise in style.
            • 20. Magic mirror finish

              If you go for a dark tone like charcoal, choose glossy, handle-free cupboards to soften the bold shade and ensure your room still feels bright and spacious.

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