How to choose colours and finishes for a modern kitchen

Whether you want to keep it classic or make a statement, your choice of colour and finish makes all the difference.

There is plenty of room for colour in the modern kitchen, from carefully chosen neutral shades to natural hues and occasional bright accents. Discover our modern kitchen colour ideas to get inspired.

Consider the overall effect

The finish of every surface contributes to the overall effect of your modern kitchen, so think of your kitchen walls, worktops, floor and kitchen cabinet doors as a single palette in order to create a harmonious, individual space.

Brighten your space with neutrals

The range of textures in a modern kitchen, from tactile woods and rugged concrete to shiny stainless steel and high-gloss units, makes subtle colour schemes a shrewd choice. Whites and cream kitchen cabinets can make a small kitchen feel more light and spacious, and the use of grey is growing in popularity – take a look at our Clerkenwell kitchen range for a little inspiration.

Versatile and sophisticated, kitchens in these tones can be livened up with some strategically placed, bright accessories such as painted ceramics or glassware, which add an energising hit of colour.

Make a statement with bold colours

Bold use of colour does not have to mean painting the kitchen a rainbow of different shades. Monochrome remains a popular and striking choice – whether you team black units with a white worktop, or vice versa – and graphite shades always have a strong impact.

If you do want to include a vibrant colour, consider applying it in an alcove, on a single feature wall or even as a backdrop to a glass splashback. Wallpaper works similarly well as a feature wall, adding personality without overwhelming the space. See our other articles for more inspiration on kitchen backsplash ideas.

The element of surprise is a useful design tool and the introduction of colour in the most unexpected of ways can create a dramatic effect. A single element of confident, show-stopping colour might take the form of striking wall tiles, a kitchen cupboard, or a composite worktop. Speak to your builder to find out what will work best for your space.

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