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Modern kitchens 

How to maximise storage in a modern kitchen

If you have ever mislaid a pot or pan, you know the importance of an organised kitchen. Read our tips for how to design storage to keep your space tidy.

Bayswater Gloss Cashmere bespoke shelves 2

Shelving showcase

Internal glass shelves can be used to display those items you like most in a clean, uncluttered way. Wraparound shelving, fitted around an island unit, creates a modern look. 

Conceal kitchen waste

Some recycling bins spoil a modern kitchen design, so consider an integrated option instead. Individual containers help separate out recyclables, so you can hide refuse away neatly until collection day .
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Add something extra with kitchen accessories

With clever storage, the right lighting and smart technology, you can make your kitchen work harder for you. Discover our range of accessories to customise your kitchen.