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Cleaning Fluids

These cleaning fluids are designed to help keep hands, products, or machinery fresh and in fully working order. All made by leading brands trusted by the trade, these products are suitable for use in domestic, commercial, or construction settings. There are liquids specially formulated to unblock drains, clean glass, strip paint or varnish, and clean natural timber. Also included is a fungicidal wash that kills and prevents the growth of mould, algae, and mildew, as well as a high-strength solvent designed to remove stubborn substances like grease, ink, tar, wax, scuff marks, and brake dust. Choose from a large selection –all designed to cater for jobs, large or small.
6 Products
    • Everbuild Wonder Wipes Adhesive Removal Spray 1 Ltr


    • C-Tec Multisolve Multi-Purpose Solvent
    • Tensorgrip C120 Adhesive Cleaner
    • Granite Worktop Cleaner Spray 500ml
    • Bartoline White Spirit BS.245
    • Gloss Surface Cleaner

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