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Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Items can often get lost at the back of cupboards, so installing kitchen cabinet lighting is a great way to makes things easier to see and find. These lights are discreetly fitted inside a unit or a drawer box, and have sensors which are activated with the door-front is opened to ensure energy is not wasted. Compact to keep the internal space accessible, these lights can also be added to the underside of cabinets  to illuminate work spaces. A choice of left or right hand orientations are available for complete customisation. Find a selection of shapes, lengths and sizes to fit into any scheme and layout.
8 Products
    • LED Clip-On Shelf Light Lamp
    • Retro-Fit Cabinet Lighting
    • Interlink LED Lights
    • Retrofit Drawer Lighting
    • LED slim square downlighters
    • LED slim circular downlighters
    • Sycamore Triangular LED 2.6W Downlighter Under Cabinet Light
    • Sycamore Circular LED 2.6W Downlighter Under Cabinet Light

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