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            Safety Boots

            Protect the feet and enjoy comfortable movement when carrying out building work by wearing safety boots. Designed with function and comfort in mind, these safety boots come with a host of special features that make them a great choice for a variety of jobs, from outdoor construction projects to smaller renovation work in domestic environments. Many designs are made from nubuck leather, a high-quality cattle material that comes from the outer side of a hide for more strength and thickness, and is sanded and buffed to leave a soft, velvet-like surface that is resistant to wear and tear and water. Steel toe caps and midsoles provide additional protection, the latter guarding against nails penetrating from underfoot, while slip-resistant grips ensure balance in any conditions. Choose from different colours and brands, while an assortment of sizes makes it easy to get the best fit.

            2 Products
              • DeWalt Builder Wheat Safety Boots
                (1 Review)
                • Footwear Safety Code Detailed SB SRA
                • Toe Protection Steel Toe Cap
                • Water Resistance Not Water Resistant
              • DeWalt Douglas Black Safety Boots
                (0 Reviews)
                • Footwear Safety Code Detailed S3 WR SRC HRO
                • Toe Protection Steel Toe Cap
                • Water Resistance Waterproof

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