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            Anchors are heavy-duty and used to attach bulky items to materials such as concrete, brick, stone, and plasterboard. They form a solid and long-lasting hold and are suitable for use across the manufacturing and commercial sectors as well as in domestic settings. Hollow wall anchors are especially useful when fastening objects to a hollow wall, biting into the cavity, and spreading within it to get a solid enough fix that, once fully expanded, cannot be pulled back through the hole. Most designs have a purpose-built recessed head to ensure a straight and reliable drive, plus anti-rotation teeth to help prevent spinning during insertion. Anchor fixings come in a selection of materials and sizes to accommodate a variety of jobs.

            3 Products
              • TIMCO M5 Hollow Wall Anchor
                (0 Reviews)
                • Suitable Application Hollow Walls
                • Material Steel
                • Usage Information Ideal for Hanging Radiators, Brackets, Hand Rails and Shelving Units
              • TIMCO 5mm x 55mm Nylon Multi-Fix Stella Fixing Pack of 25

                PRODUCT CODE: SCW5052

                (1 Review)
                • Suitable Application Plasterboard and Masonry
                • Material Nylon
                • 1 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
              • TIMCO Medium Duty Setting Tool

                PRODUCT CODE: TLS5988

                (0 Reviews)
                • Handle Material Rubber
                • Non-Slip
                • Usage Information Use With Cavity Anchors

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