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            Plasterboard Fixings

            Plasterboard fixings hang items such as pictures, mirrors and shelving onto soft or hollow interior walls. The innovative cutting tip on self drill plasterboard fixings pierces the plasterboard skin for a precise and narrow insertion, while the head allows for a flush finish. Suitable for domestic or commercial environments, dry wall fixings can also be used when re-fixing existing holes. They remove easily when redecorating a room or changing the layout; the bright zinc plating boosts strength and durability for longer life, as seen on heavy duty plasterboard fixings. They are available in boxes of large quantities for bigger jobs or for staying stocked up.

            4 Products
              • Forgefix Self Drill 4.5mm x 35mm Zinc Alloy Plasterboard Fixings Pack of 100

                PRODUCT CODE: FIX0121

                (1 Review)
                • Head Type Flange
                • Maximum Load Capacity 19.9kg
                • Suitable Application Hollow Walls and Plasterboard
              • TIMCO Corefix 5mm x 100mm Carbon Steel Heavy Duty Dot and Dab Fixing Pack of 24

                PRODUCT CODE: SCW1060

                (5 Reviews)
                • Head Type Countersunk
                • Resistance Type Corrosion Resistant
                • Maximum Load Capacity 73kg
              • TIMCO 3.5mm Phillips Bugle Black Passivated Drywall Screws Pack of 200
                (1 Review)
                • Head Type Bugle
                • Suitable Application Softwood and Chipboard
              • Limited Availability
                TIMCO Self Drill 6mm x 147mm Carbon Steel Zip-Fix Cavity Wall Fixing Pack of 10

                PRODUCT CODE: SCW5055

                (1 Review)
                • Head Type Pan
                • Maximum Load Capacity 60kg
                • Suitable Application Plasterboards, Hollow Concrete Blocks, Cavity Walls and Ceilings

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