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Specialist Hinges

Specialist hinges are designed for specific hanging tasks, whether that is for creating bespoke furniture or making a room better protected against the risk of fire. Within the collection, there is a six-foot long option that can be cut to size when making a lid for a toy chest or linen box, as well as a folding style that can be used for creating collapsible fronts or entranceways which are best used where space is at a premium. A two-sided style, used to make entranceways open all the way back to a wall, can create an open-plan divider  between rooms and spaces, while a certified design meets fire regulations can be met for a safer home or workplace. Many of the specialist hinges in this selection come in a choice of finish and size, making it simple to get a custom look and fit.
7 Products
    • Limited Availability
      Brass Light Duty Concealed Flush Hinge
      • Hinge Duty Light Duty
    • Hafele Nickel Soft Close Cabinet Hinge
    • Polished Light Duty Loose Pin Flush Hinge
      • Hinge Duty Light Duty
    • Polished Light Duty Flush Hinge
      • Hinge Duty Light Duty
    • Polished 102mm Medium Duty Parliament Hinge
      • Hinge Duty Medium Duty
    • Eclipse 102mm x 52mm Heavy Duty Grade 13 Fire Rated Parliament Hinge
    • 1829mm x 32mm Light Duty Piano Hinge
      • Hinge Duty Light Duty

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