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            Often used in carpentry, joinery and construction jobs, nails are small, thin objects used for fastening or hanging items. Most commonly made of metal, they usually have a flattened head and a sharpened point at the other end. Typically driven into a workpiece by either a hammer or nail gun, they pierce into a material and form a hold through friction and lateral strength. Sometimes, after being inserted, the head is deliberately bowed or clinched to hold it in place and prevent it sliding out. Various types of nail are available, including specially galvanised versions for roofing jobs as well as lost head designs that are used when the head needs to be hidden for a clean and seamless look - great for fitting timber floorboards. A selection of sizes, styles and finishes is available to suit a variety of projects in all domestic or professional settings.

            3 Products
              • Paslode Galvanised Brad Gun Nails
                • Pack Size 2000
                • Usage Information Can be used to quickly and easily install a variety of joinery items such as mouldings and door stops, Chisel point reduces wood splitting
              • 20mm Steel Panel Pins 250g
                • Usage Information For fixing mouldings and door stops into linings, stair case spindles and spacers
              • Limited Availability
                Lost Head Steel Nails
                • Usage Information For general joinery use and fitting solid wood flooring, Use when the head of the nail needs to be hidden

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