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            Reisser R2 Pozi Countersunk Yellow Zinc Passivated Woodscrews Trade Pack 1035

            PRODUCT CODE: SCW0554

            Ensure you have enough material for any job with this Reisser grab case containing 1032 yellow, zinc passivated screws.

            With a rust-resistant, yellow-passivated finish, these Reisser R2 single-thread woodscrews are a long-lasting option. The wide, reinforced collar helps prevent snapping and reduces the risk of the bit jumping out. Featuring a handy grab case, these screws are easy to transport and can be used internally on softwood and chipboard. With a 25-degree needlepoint, this selection removes the need to pilot drill, speeding up jobs on site.

            • Head Type Countersunk
            • Shank Type Universal Shank
            • Material Carbon Steel
            • Suitable Application Softwood and Chipboard