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Sealant Removers

Remove old, hard-to-shift silicone that may have gone mouldy or discoloured by using sealant remover. It is regarded as best practice to dispose of all old applications prior to applying a new layer to ensure the original will never reappear, and these products are up to the job. Available in gel, paste or spray form, sealant removers can work on horizontal or vertical surfaces such as window frames, baths or basins and have powerful chemical elements that digest and break up the sealant in order to dislodge it. Within this collection is an expanding foam remover that contains a brush to apply the paste and a spatula to remove the dissolved foam.
2 Products
    • Everbuild Silicone Eater 100ml Amber


    • Soudal Gun and Foam Cleaner Clear 500ml


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