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            Masking Tape

            Masking tape, also known as decorators or painters tape, provides a strong sticking bond to various materials and is easily removed without leaving any unwanted residue. This makes it ideal for blocking off areas that should not be painted or achieving straight lines when decorating. The thin, easy-tear paper makes it quick and simple to remove and apply as required, meaning painting jobs can be completed faster. Masking tape or FrogTape also protects walls, entranceways, baseboards and other decorative features from getting flecked with paint, making it easy to brush with confidence and leave a clean finish. Its strength makes it suitable for use throughout the home, and it is available in a choice of colours, widths and lengths to suit any layout.

            2 Products
              • 50mm x 50m White Masking Tape

                PRODUCT CODE: TLS0961

                (20 Reviews)
                • Location Internal
              • FrogTape 36mm x 41.1m Green Masking Tape

                PRODUCT CODE: TLS0968

                (5 Reviews)
                • Location Internal
                • Resistance Type UV and Weather Resistant

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