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Angle Grinder Discs

Angle grinder discs are the hardest working element of cutting and grinding equipment, providing the hard edge that cuts through a number of tough materials. Grip cups and angle grinder discs for different materials are available, catering for a range of jobs in different locations and providing stability in awkward positions. Constructed from hardwearing, manmade materials, these grinding discs are designed to offer a long lifespan. There are a variety of edges, grits and construction types available, so that the proper cuts and grinding can be made easily.
11 Products
    • Faithfull 22mm Cutting Disc
    • Velcro Silica Carbide Carbex Sheet Pads for Machine Polishing (Pack of 80, 10 of Each Size)
    • Granite Worktop Tools and Accessories Backing Pad
    • Velcro Polish Backing Pad
    • Dry Diamond Polishing Drums M14 (Pack of 7)
    • Drainer Groove Wheel Vacuum Brazed 50 Grit
    • Vacuum Brazed Drum M14 70/80 Grit
    • Quartz Worktop Accessory Kit
    • Pigtail Fitting for Stitch Roll Mop
    • Dry Diamond Polishing Pads M14 Pack of 9
    • Stitched Roll Mop

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