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Blades can be regularly swapped in and out of devices to get a sharper cut or to ensure the right blade is used on any given material. Made of high quality metal, they are designed to produce extremely precise cuts thanks to a sharp-toothed edge that is often treated for added strength and durability. Power tool blades are available for different fittings and at different grades, which will indicate what they can cut through, for example timber or metal.
25 Products
    • Diamond Granite Blade 150mm
    • Evolution Diamond Blade
    • Trend Planer Blade (Pair)
    • Plunge Saw Blade
    • Plunge Saw Blade
    • Trend 216mm x 30mm 48T Wood Circular Saw Blade
    • OX Multi Material Circular Saw Blade
    • Trend 30mm Multi Material TCT Circular Saw Blade
    • Irwin Circular Saw Blade
    • Freud Circular Saw Blade
    • Evolution Power Tools Multi Material Circular Saw Blade
    • New
      Trend 216mm x 30mm 60T Hardwood Circular Saw Blade


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