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Broaden the uses of routers with these routing accessories, providing new guides and plans for a series of accurate, reliable cuts. These items are designed to expand the range of cutting options, introducing specific depth hollows to aid the installation of entranceway mechanisms and working on different pipes and profiles. Made to fit devices from all the major brands, these routing power tool accessories allow users to get an optimum speed and fit, and are made to match – ensuring the same quality throughout a project.
29 Products
    • Unika 580mm Drainer Groove Jig


    • Worktop Biscuits
    • Bush Guide
    • Draining Groove Router Cutter
    • Trend Joint Router Cutter
    • Trend Multi-Profiled Edge Router Cutter
    • Vacuum Brazed Router Cutter
    • Unika 670mm Granite Drainer Groove Jig


    • Trend Straight Router Cutter
    • Trend Intumescent Router Strip Cutter
    • Triton Router Starter Kit
    • Trend Non-Guided Straight Router Cutter

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