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            By opening a trade account with us, you can access thousands of products with confidential trade prices from local stock at hundreds of depots nationwide to ensure your work runs smoothly. With two account types available, you can find the right option to match your business, whether that is a cash account to pay for products when you need it or a credit account that allows you to spread the cost of large purchases with 30-day terms. You will also benefit from a choice of free trade services, which make running your business or project easy. From online account management, access to prices 24/7, product ordering and collection, quoting multiple jobs at once, and more - buying from us is simple. 

            The UK Number 1 for Trade 

            Thousands of trade professionals choose us as their supplier of choice, which is why we are the UK's Number 1 Trade Kitchen Supplier. Discover why other pros trust us to deliver quality products from local stock at the best local price to keep their business booming.

            UK's Number 1 Trade Kitchen Supplier

            About our trade accounts

            • Cash account

              An excellent option for small purchases or those just starting out - a cash account allows you to pay for products as and when you need them. 
            • Credit account

              A credit account lets you spread the cost of purchases with a 30-day credit term, making it a good choice for large orders or managing multiple customers.
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