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Kitchen buying guides

Kitchen taps buying guide

Faucets are more than just a way to access water and have become a style statement in the home. From instant hot water to professional fittings, explore what will suit your space in this guide on choosing the best kitchen taps.

What are the different types of kitchen tap?


With a built-in filter that removes impurities, this style provides purified water in a convenient and eco-friendly way. This can improve the taste of water in hard water areas and save on bottled water.

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Mono mixer

With a single lever to control both hot and cold water, this option can come with a swivel spout to direct water – handy for washing big pans. It also requires only one hole fitting found with most sink styles. 

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Pull out

The spray feature makes rinsing vegetables and washing plates after dinner easier, while the professional look and function make them a popular choice for budding chefs.

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Available in pairs that are fitted separately, this type offers independent control over cold and hot water flow. This design is often found in utility rooms and can also be used in boot rooms.

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What kitchen tap designs and finishes are available?


Black fixtures are growing in popularity and when paired with other dark features it can create a dramatic effect. This colour also shows fewer marks making a room appear cleaner for longer. 

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Brass has a similar look to gold, giving it a timeless quality. It works well in luxe schemes for a premium feel, or in a heritage design where aged metallic accents take centre stage. 

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The silver tone and highly-reflective finish of chrome is versatile and can be paired with many styles. It also complements many other fittings creating a cohesive look in a space.

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With a rich tone, copper adds warmth to a scheme especially in pared-back spaces. It also looks at home in a nature-inspired theme or in a design that features industrious looks.

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White fittings can make a room feel bright and open making them a sound investment for areas that have little natural light. They can also be used where space is limited. 

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If a contemporary appearance is the goal, then muted brushed finishes are a great feature for creating a subtle and engineered look. It can also be used to add texture for a layered effect.

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The high-sheen finish of polished fixtures are a popular choice among homeowners as they are inviting, easy to keep clean, and are a style often found in professional catering venues. 

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Subtle and refined, matt designs can be used to add textural variation to a space. Often added to soften darker shades, this finish will also show fewer marks from water and fingerprints.

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What to consider when planning a kitchen tap?

Lamona Chrome Laveno single lever tap

Water pressure

Your chosen tap needs to be compatible with the water pressure in your home. Gravity-fed systems have low pressure compared to combi boilers or unvented cylinders. Your builder is best placed to advise.

Fairford White Sink & Tap 2_RT1

Water type

Water hardness varies across the UK and can have a big impact on food preparation. In hard water areas, a tap with a built-in filter can reduce limescale build-up, watermarks, and provide a better taste.

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Fitting requirements

Taking note of the pre-drilled holes in a sink is crucial for a hassle-free installation. Whilst the majority of faucets only need a single hole, pillar styles need two holes for fitting.

Lamona Chrome Professional Style Single Lever Tap

Lifestyle needs

Your choice also depends on how the space is being used. For example, swan-necked fittings make filling large pans or bowls easier, while professional pull-out faucets make light work of cleaning up.

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