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            Boiling Water Tap Buying Guide

            Explore energy-efficient and time-saving alternatives to a kettle in this boiling water tap buying guide, which covers the features and benefits of these multi-functional fixtures, plus product recommendations from leading brands. Whether filling a saucepan when preparing dinner or making a round of hot drinks, boiling water taps deliver high temperatures instantly, with no wait time or wastage. Additional features include filters that improve the taste of drinks in hard water areas, plus options that provide sparkling or filtered refreshments without a plastic bottle in sight.

            • Boiling water

              Upgrade to a boiling water model to replace cumbersome kettles. Water is quickly heated to 100 degrees, ready for making hot drinks or prepping dinner.
            • Instant hot

              Speed up beverages with an instant hot device that provides near-boiling water. Water is heated and stored in a tank for a hot stream on demand. 

            • 3 In 1

              Enjoy cold, hot, boiling or instant hot water from a versatile 3-in-1 fixture. These simplify daily tasks for a smooth cooking experience and quick beverages.
              • 4 In 1

                Save space in the fridge by switching to a 4-in-1 model, which provides filtered water in addition to boiling, cold, and hot streams.
              • 5 In 1

                Replicate the restaurant experience at home by choosing a 5-in-1 unit, which includes filtered and sparkling water add-ons. 

              • Quooker

                Quooker are a renowned brand who use patented technology to offer water at 100 degrees on demand.
              • Franke

                With more than 100 years of design expertise, Franke are an excellent choice for multi-functional fixtures. 
            • Lamona

              Exclusive to Howdens, Lamona offers multi-functional models at an affordable price, making these luxury features attainable for any home.

            • Water hardness

            • Filter replacement

            • Unit size

            • Accessories

            • Cut costs with eco-friendly

              Instead of over-filling a kettle, a boiling faucet cut energy use by using only the amount of water needed. This reduces household bills, running for as little as 3p per day.
            • Cook and entertain with ease

              Speed up mealtime prep with instant access to boiling water for pans and dishes, or offer different refreshment option for any guest’s tastes with a multi-function fitting.
            • Safe use for all ages

              By eliminating heavy kettles, this smart tech is easy to use at all ages and stages of life. This means everyday tasks are simple, safe, and ergonomic, which is key for multi-generational homes.
            • Add high-end appeal

              Upgrade the aesthetics of a cooking space with a modern multi-functional device. With a variety of colours and styles, all fixtures offer a sleek, understated look that minimises clutter on counters.

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