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            Kitchen Storage Buying Guide

            From large family homes to compact layouts, this kitchen storage buying guide explores what solutions can be used to create a clean and clutter-free room. Showcasing popular tower features that free up floor space, drawer configurations which offer easy access to items, and simple internal accessories that provide a low-cost fix for clearing counters, this guide explains how best to use each one, so your next design has everything in its rightful place.

            Different types of drawer storage

            • Deep pan fittings

              As cooking spaces move towards a more linear look, deep drawers can be used to accommodate larger items while creating banks of storage that lead the eye through a room.
            • Internal fittings

              Placed inside a larger drawer, these fixtures add a compartment for storing smaller items. Making the most of space inside, they also reduce line breaks from the outside for an uninterrupted look.
            • Cutlery drawers and inserts

              Either added as a tray or a full drawer, cutlery inserts are an unsung hero in a cooking space. Neatly storing utensils and tableware, they keep tools organised and put a stop to frustrating clutter.
            • Under-sink drawer

              Designed to maximise all available space beneath a sink, these drawers can be used to organise cleaning products, keeping them safely stowed from children and pets.
            • Under oven storage

              Tucked away under integrated cooking equipment, these slim drawer fittings offer a convenient place to store compact items like pans and baking trays nearby. It is also an easy to access spot to organise essentials such as foil and cling film.
            • Plinth drawers

              For homes on the small side, plinth drawers are the way to go. Adding an extra compartment below cabinetry, they transform this unused space into a valuable storing area.
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            Different types of cabinet storage

            • Larder towers

              Larders have become a go-to for creating pantry features, providing a place to store things like ingredients and dry foods.  Arranging items vertically maximises the available storage for a more organised space.
            • Pull-out towers

              Pull-out accessories use the full capacity of towers and tall units, ensuring all the contents are easy to access with a simple pull-out mechanism that brings the contents forward.
            • Base storage

              Choosing under-counter areas for everyday storage ensures essentials are close at hand. Pull-out fittings mean that every inch of the unit can be used, while items at the back are easy to get to.
            • Waste and recycling

              Essential for a clean and hygienic room, a built-in bin offers discreet space to dispose of rubbish, with various sizes and compartments to make sorting waste and recycling easier.

            Utilising wall space

            • Pull-down wall storage

              Great for multi-generational homes, or homes that want to improve accessibility, pull-down accessories can be installed within wall-mounted units to bring the contents within easy reach without overstretching.
            • Shelving

              Whether installed inside cabinetry or fitted in an open layout, shelves are an excellent way to tidy clutter or create a decorative feature for displaying any accessories.

            Maximising corner space

            • Pull-out corner storage

              Using pull-out corner accessories capitalises on often-neglected corner space. Great for L or U-shaped layouts, they allow the whole cupboard to be used for storing.
            • Carousels

              A space-saving option for corners, carousel fixtures are fitted into the cabinet and rotate for easy access to items at the back. They are great for spices, tins, and other dried ingredients.

            Storage planning considerations

            • Save time with pre-assembled

              Opting for our rigid cabinetry is a great time-saver as many accessories, such as corner solutions, come pre-fitted so a tradesperson can focus on other jobs and projects can be completed quicker.
            • Customise separate parts

              Our storage fixtures are sold individually, which allows for complete customisation to meet your exact requirements.

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