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            Kitchen Storage Ideas

            Whether you have a small or spacious home, kitchen storage ideas provide new ways for storing more in a room, creating a clean and clutter-free environment where household items, equipment, and food is tucked out of sight. From storage ideas that will free up floor space to smart cupboard solutions that maximise the room inside, and drawer configurations that are a modern must-have, this kitchen storage inspiration will help you shape a stylish and well-organised interior.

            Our top ten best kitchen storage ideas

            • 1. Load up with larders

              Embrace the trend for pantry storage by including larders within a layout. Offering a bespoke feature, they can be used for breakfast supplies, baking equipment, cocktail cabinets, and more.
            • 2. Take on towers

              Make to most of wall space by adding towers to a design. Great for pantry solutions, these units can be added easily within tight areas, making them a smart small kitchen storage idea.
            • 3. Drawer it out

              Opt for internal drawers for a modern kitchen storage idea. Tucked inside an existing unit, these nifty devices add extra compartments to stow items without creating additional line breaks that interrupt a linear design.
            • 4. De-clutter cutlery

              Design storage from the inside out by adding cutlery accessories within drawer units. Providing extra organisation, these built-in trays can be co-ordinated with the wider decor for a premium touch.
            • 5. Plan for pans

              Add dedicated space for organising large items, like pans, by using deeper drawer fittings. This is a great kitchen storage idea for areas with limited cupboard or counter space.
            • 6. Re-design for recycling

              Introduce a built-in bin to hide rubbish out of sight for a smart kitchen storage solution. Besides offering a streamlined look, it also frees up floor space for other activities - great for multi-functional rooms.
            • 7. Optimise below ovens

              Cash in on the often overlooked space beneath cooking equipment - a prime place for storing trays, roasting tins, and baking sheets. Invest in a slimline oven drawer to transform this compact space into valuable storage.
            • 8. Clean up your act

              Stow cleaning detergents within a dedicated drawer that fits neatly beneath a sink. Not only will harmful chemicals be stored safely from pets or children, it will also keep these regularly used items in easy reach.
            • 9. Keep crockery in reach

              Bulky plates, bowls, and mugs often take up a lot of space. Use plate racks to overcome this, for a traditional storage idea that keeps crockery close to hand and ready for family dining.
            • 10. Create a display

              Incorporate a classic storage staple by using glass-fronted units for a display dresser. Offering a spot to store your favourite trinkets, this will add visual variety and a personal touch to a design.

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