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            Kitchen Cabinet Handle Ideas

            From modern, matt finishes to timeless copper accents, these kitchen cabinet handle ideas offer creative ways to reinvent a space. Often used to make a style statement, handles can transform the look and feel of a room, whether that is replacing existing fixtures or hunting down the right choice for a remodel. These kitchen ideas include examples from real customer homes and those that are expertly selected by our team of designers to set you on the right path.

            • 1. Bring in brass

              Introduce that boutique feel to your home by opting for brass accessories. This luxury handle idea adds a touch of glamour thanks to its rich gold tone.
            • 2. Clutter-free chrome

              If you are looking for a classic option that will match your home style for many years to come, consider using chrome handles to complete your cooking space.
            • 3. Be bold with black

              Get ahead of the times and try out the Japandi trend, which uses black fixtures to punctuate a neutral or timber palette for a statement look in a minimal space.
            • 4. Nuts for knurled

              For those that want a statement design, knurled handles are the one for you. With a patinated finish and textured surface they add plenty of character to a space.
            • 5. Bare all with bars

              With an understated look that has clean straight edges, it is easy to see why bar fixtures are a great small kitchen handle idea, helping to elongate a room with leading lines.
            • 6. Down to a D

              With it becoming common for many generations to live together, make sure a space is accessible for everyone with the easy-to-grip design of D bar fittings.
            • 7. Curvaceous cups

              Give your space a vintage feel by opting for cup handles. The sleek design adds curved lines to a room for a softer take that has plenty of country charm.
            • 8. Classically designed knobs

              When styling a classic look, knob fixtures are the way to go. Offering a small accent, they complement  many decors and can be mixed with other designs for personal expression.
            • 9. Minimalist moment

              Matt fittings are good for busy family homes as the sheen-free finish disguises smudges and fingerprints, so they look cleaner for longer.
            • 10. Antique chic

              Add a well-loved look to a cooking space with antique-style accessories. The aged finish will span passing trends and introduce character to a room.

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