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            Kitchen Handles Buying Guide

            From slimline styles to decorative designs, the right handles can add a stylish finishing touch to a room whilst adding an essential functional feature to cupboards. Within our kitchen handles buying guide, we explore what types to look out for and how they lend to different interiors.

            What are the different types of kitchen handles?

            What colours and finishes are available?


            With the latest trend for dark interiors, black handgrips are a quick way to create a statement design. They can be layered with other charcoal-tone features for a sophisticated look, or they can be paired with paler elements to add contrast.

            Discover black cabinet handles


            Replicating the look of bronzed metals, copper adds a splash of colour to a design, especially when paired with glossy finishes, creating a statement feature. This hue also adds warmth, which works especially well in heritage schemes.

            Explore copper cabinet handles


            A bright metallic shade, chrome is versatile, and can complement a variety of decors, making it a great way to refresh and update a design. Thanks to its popularity, chrome tones can easily be found in other features, so creating a coordinated look is simple.

            Choose chrome cabinet handles

            Brushed Steel

            A muted alternative to other silvery colours, brushed steel fixtures have a light sheen that makes it good for those who want to maintain a pared-back interior. This metallic tone is also versatile, suiting a variety of looks from engineered to minimal.

            Browse brushed steel cabinet handles


            Adding unique character to a space, natural textures are becoming a go-to choice for style-conscious homes looking to curate an individual style. Oak handgrips will introduce warmth and can be paired with similar features for a cosy space inspired by the outdoors.

            Choose oak cabinet handles


            Featuring an aged appearance, antique finishes have a well-loved look that creates the impression that they have been used for many years. They are great for rustic or heritage decors, and be used to add textural variation in engineered looks too.

            Explore antique cabinet handles


            For those who want to maximise light in compact or dark spaces, polished finishes are a good choice. The smooth, reflective surface will bounce light around a room for a welcoming feel and works especially well with other glossy features.

            Choose polished cabinet handles


            With a sheen-free finish that can conceal marks, matt textures continue to rise in popularity with homeowners looking for low-maintenance designs. Reducing glare, this option will minimise distractions for a serene and calming space.

            Discover matt cabinet handles

            What to consider when planning kitchen handles?

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