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Charcoal black l shape kitchen with geometric wall tiles, glass wall cabinets above a white worktop and chrome kitchen tap.

Kitchen Colour Ideas

Black Kitchen Ideas

From chic charcoal to gallant graphite, black kitchen ideas are very much back on trend with dark shades becoming the ultimate style statement in the home. Here we explore some black kitchen inspiration to encourage you to take the plunge with these inky tones.

Black kitchens in real homes

Black kitchen ideas @bealach_uige_bothy

Add timber textures

Natural patterns like woodgrain add character and are a good way to prevent a black scheme looking too intense. @belach_uige_bothy has included timber shelving, surfaces, and accessories in the design for a rustic twist.

Black kitchen ideas @maygreeninvestments

Marvel at marble

Like black, marble is a timeless choice that has added luxe appeal, making it great for a sophisticated design. @maygreeninvestments has used this trending texture on counters and wall boards to add visual interest for a refined feel.

Black kitchen ideas @mirrormyhome

Work in white

@mirrormyhome ‘s simple black and white scheme proves that monochrome palettes will always look chic. The white counter and tiled wall maximise natural light to lift the dark cupboard colour, helping to keep the space bright and inviting.

Black kitchen ideas @projectclistone-2

Beckon in chevrons

Black designs can often draw a space in, which may make it appear narrow. @projectclistone has included chevron floors to counteract this, as it helps to draw the eye across the layout and gives the illusion of depth to the room.

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