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            Kitchen Colour Ideas

            These kitchen colour ideas showcase different ways to update your space with a fresh new hue and include coloured kitchens from real homes across the UK. From green to cream, these guides will help determine what colour is good for your kitchen. They also offer advice on how to style your chosen shade to achieve the best kitchen colour scheme for your room size, layout, and budget. If classic interiors are more you, there is plenty of inspiration for the hues that stand the test of time, such as white and cream, with smart design tips to bring these looks right up to date.

            Chilcomb and Elmbridge

            Porcelain, pebble, paprika – there is a hue for every mood within our new paint-to-order collection. Available in the Chilcomb and Elmbridge styles, this series of 24 carefully-curated colours will fire up your imagination and inspire a personalised palette.

            • Cream kitchen ideas

              Bring the family together into the heart of the home by opting for a cream scheme, which offers a warm and timeless take on interior style. 

            • Pebble kitchen ideas

              Combining the best of cream and grey hues, pebble kitchen ideas offer different ways to create a neutral scheme with long-lasting appeal.
            • Sandstone kitchen ideas

              Check-out the newest neutral on the block with these sandstone kitchen ideas, which show how to integrate this simple shade into a home.
            • Oak kitchen ideas

              Using Mother Nature as the muse, these oak kitchen ideas will create an on-trend interior full of organic character.

            • Green kitchen ideas

              Let Mother Nature steer a design with an earthy palette that promotes positive wellbeing in the home, as well as making a stylish statement.  

            • Blue kitchen ideas

              From dusk blue shades that mimic summer skies to indulgent navy hues, blue is the ultimate mood booster for a cooking space. 

            • Sage-green kitchen ideas

              Drawing on soft, botanical shades found in the natural environment, this hue helps create a cooking space that feels natural, nurturing, and inviting.
            • Navy kitchen ideas

              Harness the regal shade of navy to elevate a cooking space with stately appeal. This deep and luxurious colour offers a cool palette that is also easy to relax in.

            • White kitchen ideas

              Fresh and clutter-free, white is a great option for busy homes that see socialising, dining, and cooking happen simultaneously.

            • Dove-grey kitchen Ideas

              Craft a stylish and soothing space with these dove-grey kitchen ideas, which demonstrate how to customise this soft shade in any home.
            • Grey kitchen ideas

              A firm favourite with many homeowners, grey is a go-to neutral thanks to its versatility. Use this colour to craft a chic look that can adapt with passing trends.
            • Black kitchen ideas

              Take inspiration from boutique interiors with a statement black tone. This striking hue will draw in a room for an intimate setting that is great when entertaining.

            • Two-tone kitchen ideas

              Get creative with colour with these two-tone kitchen ideas. Combining harmonious hues or popular palettes, this inspiration will inject character into any decor. 
            • Painted kitchen ideas

              Take on a playful approach when it comes to choosing a colour scheme with paintable doors, which can be adapted so they are one of a kind. 

            • Colourful kitchen ideas

              Source inspiration from across the paint chart with vibrant hues, classic shades, and on-trend tones that create an uplifting cooking envrionment.
            • Red kitchen ideas

              Featuring on-trend tones ranging from ruby to terracotta, utilise this pigment of passion to revitalise a cooking space.
            • Pink kitchen ideas

              Blush, blossom, or rose – pink is having a moment within interiors. Great for adding sophistication to a space, explore our ideas to make this hue work for you.
            • Yellow kitchen ideas

              With ways to harness the power of sunny shades, these ideas show how to use yellow tones to create a warm, cosy atmosphere in the home.

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