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            Small Kitchen Ideas

            Whether adding clever cabinetry, getting creative with colours, or optimising a layout, small kitchen ideas offer stacks of advice to make compact spaces comfortable and practical. A common feature in modern homes, small kitchen design can quickly transform from restrictive to functional with the right product and style choices. Explore this collection of kitchen advice from our experts and examples from real customers to find on-trend ways to tailor tight areas in any home.


            • 1. Make it monotone

              Bright colours are great for opening a small space. Take Ellen White's lead by embracing white tones to maximise light for a spacious setup.
            • 2. Choose a new neutral

              Warm shades are a must for compact rooms, and @dra_carpentryandbuild has used a neutral grey tone to soften an interior for a cosy atmosphere. 
            • 3. Go with gloss

              Reflect light around a compact room by opting for gloss-finished fronts. This high-shine surface creates a bright area that opens up even the tightest rooms.
            • 4. Try out two-tone

              Mixing and matching different colours can make a room look deceptively large. Pair dark units with light timber tones for a stark contrast and opening effect.
            • 5. Look to L-shaped

              Make the most of every inch of walls, like @jamesduhan, who has created an L-shaped layout, adding plenty of storage to keep the small room clutter-free.
            • 6. Work with one wall

              Pick a one-wall layout, like @goodchantier, who has created a linear style that maximises floor area, offering an uninterrupted counter for a functional space.
            • 7. Distract with patterns

              Draw the eye with the striking look of herringbone floors, like @athomewith_katie. The pattern stands out as the star, adding detail for the illusion of space.
            • 8. Switch to slim counters

              Picking a compact laminate worktop is a quick small kitchen idea. The trend for slim counters is always popular, making it a savvy choice for saving room.
            • 9. Save on kettle space

              Cut down on clutter by swapping a kettle for a 4-in-1 tap, giving boiling water in an instant for a multi-functional fitting that saves space on surfaces.
            • 10. Select a striped effect

              Like borders, wall panels offer a neat way of adding a vertically-lined feature, focussing on walls rather than clutter, making a small room appear bigger.

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            Explore more kitchen ideas

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