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            Kitchen Island Makeovers

            With a practical layout that packs in extra storage, these kitchen island makeovers demonstrate how to create a stylish centrepiece in a room that can make a cooking space multi-functional. Featuring designs from real customer homes, there are examples from compact floor plans to large, multi-use living areas. Each one takes a different approach to incorporate the island feature, whether that is using premium materials, bold colours or mixing and matching our fitted kitchens to create a look that is one of a kind. Explore this round-up of some of our favourite transformations to find creative ways to bring your own island ideas to life. For more inspiration, take a look at our full collection of 100 Beautiful Kitchens.

            • 1. A winning wraparound

              Select seamless style with a wraparound island that introduces a solid block of colour to the centre of your room – great for a deluxe monochrome look.
            • 2. Capitalise on colour

              Plan an island design with contrasting two-tone cabinetry to create a showpiece in your cooking space that gives you the freedom to play with colour. 
            • 3. Add warmth with wood

              If you want an island that will stand the test of time, look no further than a solid wood counter, which will create a durable centrepiece that is full of character.
            • 4. Signature style

              Opt for durable materials, like quartz, to form a unique island feature that adds a touch of luxe to everyday tasks.
            • 5. Lightweight laminate

              For an inexpensive way to achieve an island format, choose laminate counters for your centrepiece. These surfaces are low-maintenance and low-cost.
            • 6. Draw in storage

              An island can be used for more than preparing and enjoying dinner. Pack in sought-after storage with drawers, to keep everyday essentials close at hand.
            • 7. Feeling fresh

              Islands are busy areas of the home, so opting for an island extractor will ensure this multipurpose space remains fresh and fragrance-free. 
            • 8. A plan for pro chefs

              When planning an island layout, consider placing cooking devices within easy reach of your centrepiece to enhance an ergonomic flow when preparing meals.
            • 9. Powered up

              |slands are often used for different tasks throughout the day, so power up your design with extra sockets that will make way for home working. 
            • 10. Light it up

              Incorporate clever lighting to enjoy your island after the sun goes down, while adding ambience when dining and entertaining. 

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