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Black Kitchens

For those who want to create a bold statement with a dramatic shade, black kitchens are a great choice. Instantly introducing a luxurious look, this shade can be paired with metallic accents, like brushed copper and brass, or premium materials, such as engineered stone, for an on-trend style. Combine the dark tone with a matt finish to hide scuffs and stains for a kitchen that will look newer for longer. Black kitchens can be balanced with paler elements for a timeless dark-and-light theme or used to complement other dark features for a refined look. This intense shade absorbs light, creating a cosy feel in larger rooms whilst providing a versatile backdrop for vibrant pops of colour for added personality. In open spaces, this hue helps to define a zone to separate it from other living areas. Choose from a range of designs like framed, single-piece and contemporary styles. A variety of finishes are also available in the collection to create a custom look.
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