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            A Sensory Delight Kitchen Makeover With Jessica

            In this sensory delight kitchen makeover with Jessica Thornton, she took inspiration from her favourite restaurants to create a bold, boutique-style interior using dark tones, textured surfaces, and aged metallic finishes. As a personal stylist with a first-class degree in Surface Design, Jessica has an eye for the finer things, while her engineer partner Mitch is a fan of sleek, modern style. Together, they set about bringing this attention to detail and love of contemporary design to their first home in Yorkshire. Taking a room that had been left untouched for decades, this kitchen makeover transformed the awkward layout and old-fashioned features into an impressive cooking space. 

            • Stuck in the sixties

              With a wood-panelled ceiling, pine cupboards, and lino counters, Jessica's old room was in drastic need of some TLC. The narrow, galley layout was also impractical making mealtimes a challenge.
            • A modern masterpiece

              Jessica is all about the detail, while her partner, Mitch, loves clean lines – so they chose an integrated handle design with Clerkenwell to create a contemporary canvas that was easy to layer with materials. 

            • First choice charcoal

              Inspired by high-end decor, Jessica was instantly drawn to charcoal – a bold hue common in boutique interiors.
            • Built-in  breakfasts

              After spotting a built-in breakfast unit in her builder's home, Jessica recreated this feature for majestic mornings.
            • Show-off storage

              A floating shelf was fitted to this statement design, enabling the couple to switch up accessories with ease.
            • Stow-away sockets

              With clean lines in mind, Jessica replaced existing power outlets with pop-up sockets for work and play.

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