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            Modern Kitchen Ideas

            With a focus on fuss-free features, ergonomic design, and clean aesthetics, these modern kitchen ideas offer different ways to create a space that is human-centred for a contemporary kitchen design in any home. From cutting-edge colours to modern kitchen units, and cooking devices that are high tech, there are many things to consider when planning a modern kitchen. That is why we have gathered the latest on-trend looks, and real examples from customer homes to inspire any project - large or small.

            • 1. Go handle free

              Pick a built-in handle design like our Clerkenwell collection. Easy to clean, these contemporary, fixture-free styles create leading lines for a spacious look.

            • 2. Simplify with slab

              Thanks to their unfussy appearance, slab units minimise visual distractions for a modern look. They are also versatile, making them easy to style as trends change.
            • 3. All white is right

              A staple in modern kitchen designs, white provides homeowners, like @thehousethatjenbuilt, a bright base that makes a small space appear open.
            • 4. Switch to trending grey

              Update a simple style with an on-trend shade, such as grey. This modern tone has a neutral quality that is less stark than white and complements any decor.

            • 5. Get the gloss look

              High-shine fronts will tie a scheme to the clean aesthetic of contemporary interiors. They also reflect light, adding a dynamic, luxe look to any room.
            • 6. Make way for matt

              Matt textures reduce glare, which soothes modern space. @laurenceks has used this to intensify her dark units for a striking effect with a velvet touch. 
            • 7. Shake up shaker

               Bridge the gap between classic and contemporary style by pairing framed fronts with handleless cabinetry. The added trims will also draw the eye through a space.

            • 8. Store smarter

              Functionality is central to modern design, which is easily achieved with clever storage. We recommend pull-out units as they improve access for all.
            • 9. Create a coffee corner

              Coffee is often an integral part of morning routines. Investing in an integrated model will create café-style drinks on demand while keeping counters clear.
            • 10. Build a place for breakfast

              @mothering_through_it_all's breakfast area embodies modern design, as it creates a practical set-up for daily tasks without increasing the floorplan. 
            • 11. Tap into added functionality

              Capture the cutting-edge feel of modern interiors with a 5-in-1 tap. They offer a boiling, hot, chilled, cold, and sparkling stream - great for those who like to host.
            • 12. Pick pyrolytic

              Contemporary schemes are designed to make daily life easier. Embrace this ethos with pyrolytic ovens, which burn off food debris, making cleaning simple.

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