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            Maple And Bacon Pancake Stack

            A sure winner with any crowd, this maple and bacon pancake stack recipe from Olympian, Greg Rutherford, will serve six for breakfast. This meal uses a few pantry staples, such as flour, egg, and milk, making it easy to recreate at home – great for budding chefs and seasoned professionals alike. Fluffy and full of flavour, these pancakes are an indulgent treat that will tantalise the taste buds and leave family or friends asking for more.


            • 140g self raising flour
            • 135g plain flour
            • 275ml of milk
            • 2 tsp of baking powder
            • 40g of melted butter
            • 2 tbsp of caster sugar
            • Pinch of salt
            • Butter for cooking
            • Thick cut smoked streaky bacon is preferred, but you can use any bacon
            • Maple syrup
            • 4 eggs


            1. Sieve the flours, baking powder, salt and sugar into a large mixing bowl.
            2. In a separate bowl put the milk, eggs and melted butter together and whisk until combined.
            3. Pour the egg, milk and butter mix in with the flour mix and whisk together until complexity combined.
            4. Leave to rest for 15 minutes.
            5. Place a frying pan on medium to high heat and allow the pan to get hot.
            6. Drop a knob on butter in the middle of the pan. As soon as the butter has melted use a small ladle of pancake mixture and gently pour it onto the melted butter in the pan.
            7. Once you see bubbling on the top side of the pancake flip it with a spatula and continue to cook until both sides have browned. (You can use the spatula to check the under side).
            8. Place the cooked pancake on a plate and continue the process until your stack is created.
            9. In a separate pan on a high heat place the bacon rashers into the pan can cook through until firm.
            10. Add your bacon to the pancake stack and lather with maple syrup and enjoy the incredible sweet and salty taste.