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Ovens provide baking, roasting and grilling functions within the home - making classic gastronomy simple for families of all sizes. With brand names and exclusive ovens on offer, a choice of high-end functions and features are available to make baking cakes or putting on the Sunday roast easier. Speedy pre-warming, self-cleaning, and variable heating zone features are all great ways for households to save time at mealtimes. Each device has also been tested and rated for energy efficiency, including many A and A++ ratings to save on household bills. The selection includes a minimum one-year manufacturer guarantee, or two years for exclusive products. With a choice of styles and finishes, families can choose to match their device with other equipment in the home for a look that is tied together. A variety of cavity sizes and fitting options, as well as a number of different heating elements, mean that homeowners can choose a style that suits their culinary preference and fuel supply.

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