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            Thin Apple Tart

            Make the most of seasonal fruits with this thin apple tart. Using finely cut slices, this dish is soft and delicate, making it a great choice for pairing with a roast dinner. Finished with a butter and sugar coating, this classic tart will melt in the mouth. Taking only 10 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook, this pudding requires minimal planning and serves four. 


            • 320g pack ready-rolled, all-butter puff pastry
            • 2 large, Golden Delicious apples
            • 2 tablespoons apricot jam
            • 30g butter, melted
            • 3 tablespoons icing sugar

            • To Serve
            • Crème fraîche



            1. Pre-heat the oven to 220°C/fan 200°C/gas mark 7. Line a baking tray with baking parchment.
            2. Unroll the pastry. Using a 23cm plate as a guide, cut out a circle of pastry and place it on the lined baking tray. Keep the leftover pastry.
            3. Prick the pastry base all over with a fork; this will prevent it from shrinking.
            4. Core and peel the apples. Cut them in half lengthways, then cut each half into very thin slices (about 3mm).
            5. Spread the apricot jam over the circle of pastry. Arrange the apple slices over the top, overlapping them slightly, in 2 concentric rings to make the shape of a flower. Brush with melted butter and, using a tea strainer or fine sieve, dust generously with about 1 tablespoon of icing sugar.
            6. Bake for 10 minutes, then remove from the oven, brush with butter again and dust with more icing sugar. Return to the oven for 5 more minutes, then repeat with the butter and sugar. Cook for a final 5 minutes until the tart is nicely caramelised on top. Serve lukewarm with a scoop of crème fraiche.
            7. Tip: For best results and a crispier base, use the conventional oven setting.