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            Kitchen Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

            With tips and tricks to make the most of every inch in a room, these kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens explore how to organise a compact cooking area so that it is easier to use. There are small kitchen storage ideas to improve a limited layout – from accessories that maximise capacity to cabinetry that conceals clutter. Explore these storage ideas for small kitchens, which include examples from real customer homes, to find inspiration for keeping groceries and other essentials neatly stowed when space is at a premium.

            • 1. Declutter with drawers

              Follow @thehousethatjenbuilt_'s lead and cut back on counter clutter by storing items in internal drawers to keep groceries or crockery within close reach.
            • 2. Neat and discreet

              Utilise an often-overlooked area by fitting plinth drawers beneath floor units, like @dustsheets_and_decor, to store baking trays or table linen.
            • 3. Coordinate cutlery

              Upgrade a drawer with a cutlery insert to maximise storage in a small design, while making it easy to spot tools when preparing dinner.
            • 4. Sort out supplies

              Make the most of the vacant area underneath a sink by installing dedicated drawers for cleaning products, which allow bottles to be safely stored upright.
            • 5. Whisk away waste

              Keep food prep areas tidy with an internal waste bin, which is fitted discreetly inside a cupboard to ensure mess is kept out of sight.
            • 6. Stretch cupboard space

              Use the full height of a room with tall, tower units, which increase storage in a small cooking design without taking up more floor space.
            • 7. Open-up with shelves

              Gain a spot for storing everyday items while making a design appear roomier by opting for shelves, like @ipbowen_homes, for a less crowded layout.
            • 8. Go for glass

              Introduce glass fronts to create a bright and spacious impression – a popular small kitchen storage idea demonstrated by @jamesduhan.
            • 9. Access all areas

              Add storage accessories to turn the hard-to-reach corners of a small U or L-shaped floorplan into a handy home for lesser-used supplies.
            • 10. Level-up a larder

              Use's idea, who uses timber door balconies to maximise storage in larders, so clutter is kept from counters.

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