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            Small Kitchen Makeovers

            With creative tricks to maximise space and make a room feel larger, these small kitchen makeovers from real homes offer plenty of inspiration for a compact cooking area. From clever colour choices that boost brightness levels, to layout hacks that pack in storage, explore these examples that show how to make most of every centimetre and corner. Delve into the details to discover ideas for a more open and spacious design, then head to our full collection of 100 Beautiful Kitchens for more looks we love.

            • 1. Welcoming white

              Make a small cooking area feel more inviting by pairing white cupboards, counters, and walls to brighten dark spots and give the illusion of a space.
            • 2. Integrate two tones

              Choose the unfussy style of integrated handle fronts and select two contrasting tones for a simple way to make a small cooking area stand out.
            • 3. Hello handleless

              Cut back on unnecessary details by opting for the clean style of handle-free cupboards and craft a look that shows how small designs can be sophisticated.
            • 4. Reflect on gloss

              Illuminate a small cooking zone by opting for gloss door fronts, which will bounce light around the room – a handy trick for gaining a greater sense of space.
            • 5. Make it monotone

              Stick to a simple scheme of similar tones to make a slender cooking area feel more spacious. Coordinated cupboards and laminate counters will achieve this effect.
            • 6. Tower power

              Clear clutter from work surfaces to gain more room for meal prep by placing small cooking devices, like microwaves, in tower units.

            • 7. Create clean lines

              If your layout has a small footprint, opt for a washbowl that sits beneath the surface to craft a streamlined look that draws the eye through the room.
            • 8. Build a breakfast spot

              In a smaller floorplan, introduce a breakfast bar as a practical alternative to an island – a slimline spot for coffee breaks, casual meals, or catching up on work.
            • 9. Design in drawers

              Keep a slim design neat and organised with clever storage. Versatile drawers can keep counters clutter-free, creating a place for devices, like a coffee machine.
            • 10. Light up your layout

              Say goodbye to shadows while making a narrow room feel welcoming by getting creating with lighting, which will ensure you can enjoy a cooking area both day and night.

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