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Ultra modern city view apartment with handleless slate grey kitchen and kitchen island with ceiling mounted cooker hood.


Kitchen Inspiration

From tips on how to decorate your space to suggestions on what type of floorboards to use, this kitchen inspiration gathers ideas from our designers, and real home examples, to help you shape the look of your new kitchen. With ideas for ultra-contemporary backdrops, two-tone styles, handleless plans, and those steeped in heritage highlights, there is style advice for every decor. You will also find smart storage hacks to help make the most of space, plus quick fixes to reinvigorate an existing room.

Backsplash ideas

Getting a fancy splashback is a sound investment for prolonging the life of a design and injecting some character in a room. These backsplash ideas explore innovative solutions for adding a backing panel within a kitchen. 

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Breakfast bar ideas

Get your day off to the best start by adding a breakfast area in your space. Great for layouts large and small, these multi-functional surfaces provide a place for morning coffee, afternoon meetings, and even tea time with the kids. 

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Get your kitchen ready for Christmas

Christmas is the time of year where our decor matters the most as we cook, host, entertain, and snuggle up more indoors. Ensure your kitchen is festively prepared this winter with these top tips on getting ready for the celebration season. 

Get your kitchen ready for Christmas

Handleless kitchen ideas

As we reshape our homes to be a retreat from the outside world, our interiors have become more modest. These handleless ideas offer the ultimate in minimal design, proposing simple, soothing, and sensory styles for your habitat. 

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Design a clean kitchen

Creating a sanitary space to cook in is key, so these ideas on how to design a clean kitchen will make maintenance easy. From investing in the latest tech, to adding stain-resistant surfaces, we cover pointers that will leave more time to enjoy the things you love.

How to design a clean kitchen

Kitchen decor ideas

Once a floorplan is set, and cabinetry is selected, the next step is to style your new abode. Within these decor ideas, we uncover new and imaginative methods to decorate your kitchen to suit your taste using accessories, lighting, floors, and more. 

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Kitchen door ideas

Whether it is a quick fix or while planning a full renovation, kitchen door ideas can complete a design for a high-end look. Offering sharp features that have a lasting impact, these designs will help you create a professional finish in the hub of your home.

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Kitchen floor ideas

Floors are one of the largest surfaces in a room, and the right style will elevate any interior. In this guide, we share ideas for updating a kitchen floor, so you can get fresh suggestions for your project and achieve a striking look for your new update.

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Kitchen Ideas

Featuring kitchen inspiration from real customer homes, this gallery offers original and creative ways to update your kitchen using our products. Explore photos in a variety of colours and layouts to inspire your next project.

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Kitchen storage ideas

For those that want to de-clutter, this storage guide will help you make space more organised. Showcasing smart ways to use our accessories, there are also bespoke suggestions for creating dedicated storing areas, plus useful tricks to achieve with cabinetry. 

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Kitchen tap ideas

Discover how to transform your washing area into an eye-catching centrepiece with these kitchen tap ideas. Overflowing with budget-saving tips and design advice - this article will help you tap into the latest trends to create a stylish look in your home.

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Modern kitchen ideas

Fresh, fun and highly functional, modern kitchens have become the go-to for busy family households thanks to their effortless style and human-centred approach. Re-create this contemporary look in your place with these modern kitchen ideas. 

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Shaker kitchen ideas

With its framed style and robust construction, shaker kitchen designs will always be in fashion. From engineered editions to modern reworks, these ideas cover the possibilities that shaker has to offer when updating a room. 

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Traditional kitchen ideas

Move closer to homespun and heritage styles with these ideas for traditional design. Showcasing classic country concepts and time-honoured features, learn about the essential elements for crafting this look within this guide. 

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Two-tone kitchen ideas

These two-tone ideas for kitchens explore how to mix-and-match shades to add depth and a new dynamic to a room. Including tonal ombre styles and colourful statement islands, learn how to achieve this sought-after design in this guide. 

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10 ways to create a reading nook in your kitchen

In today’s world, we rarely take a moment to ourselves. So, what better way to make time for you, than by adding a reading nook in your home. These ideas explore how to accommodate a place to catch a chapter within your kitchen. 

10 ways to create a reading nook in your kitchen

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