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            Boot Room Ideas

            These boot room ideas showcase different ways to create a dedicated space in the home for outdoor gear and other garden essentials. Featuring bespoke storing solutions for shoes, coats, and gardening supplies, and functional features that make light work of cleaning up, these boot room designs will reinvent any area - large or small. It also includes ideas from our team of expert designers, who explain how to make the most of a floorplan. There are also examples from real customer homes to demonstrate how to bring these looks to life.

            • 1. Bench essentials

              Add a place to perch when ditching outdoor gear with a bespoke bench. This must-have feature can be crafted with drawers, like @our_dream_at_no_15's design. 
            • 2. A coatroom classic    

              Make the most of walls within a boot area to store coats and jackets neatly.  @jamesc_capenty also opted for tall units to store bulky items from view. 
            • 3. Botanical hues

              Often used for gardening chores - a boot room will benefit from Nature's palette. @mo.and.the.jungle has used dark-blue units for their houseplant oasis. 
            • 4. A white welcome

              Follow @cottage_not_in_the_country's lead for a small boot room idea. Selecting white for the colour scheme they have made their room appear more spacious.
            • 5. Gravitate to gloss

              Glossy units, like those seen in @j.gaskell_joinery's project, can withstand the wear and tear of a busy boot room. Its slick surface is simple to wipe clean.
            • 6. Let in light

              Keep a boot area bright and inviting by opting for glazed doorways.  @therhodeshome_ has selected a large pane design to maximise natural light. 
            • 7. Work in washing

              Take a leaf out of @renovatingnumber8's book by adding a cleaning machine to a boot area, making it easy to discard muddy clothes straight into the wash.
            • 8. Invest in ceramic

              Opt for a ceramic bowl for a hygienic cleaning spot, like @pingcomes. Its non-porous surface makes it hard for bacteria to grow, so a boot room remains fresh.
            • 9. Upgrade offcuts

              When a separate room is unavailable, convert the area below stairs to store boots from view. @lianne.taylor1987 has used counter offcuts for custom shelving.
            • 10. Lean on laminate

              With its ability to replicate the look of real materials, laminate surfaces can create a luxury boot room for less, as seen in @thegalballydollshouse's home. 

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