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            Boot Room Storage Ideas

            Craft a clean and organised space with these boot room storage ideas that provide creative ways to stow outdoor gear, cleaning supplies, and even pet food from view. From bespoke benches to under-stair storerooms, this article is brimming with ideas from real customers’ homes, plus tips from our design experts, that will maximise boot rooms in any home.

            Our 10 best boot room storage ideas

            • 1. Double up on function

              Make boot room features work twice as hard by adding cupboards below a cleaning station. Besides offering a place to wash, this boot room storage idea doubles up as a store for household supplies.
            • 2. Build a bespoke bench

              Add a place to perch while storing shoes from view with a bench. Pan drawers are great for crafting these custom pieces as the added depth can stow anything from high heels to hiking boots.
            • 3. Keep cleaning concealed

              Use pull-out storage to use every inch of space inside a compact tower unit, so garden or household supplies are kept neat, tidy, and safe. Maximising space in this way is an excellent small boot room storage idea.
            • 4. Go tall in tight spaces

              For those homes where space is at premium, this small boot room storage idea is the one for you. Using tall larder units, you can use all available wall space for storing outdoor gear.
            • 5. Prepare for pet supplies

              In addition to a place to rest, consider this pet-friendly boot room storage idea that uses integrated bins to store food and treats, so it is neatly stowed from sniffing distance.
            • 6. Make a place for pooches

              Boot rooms are often shared with our furry friends, so why not adapt drawer units to offer a spot for your four-legged friends to rest, that adds extra space for pet supplies.
            • 7. Stash more in awkward places

              From porches to car ports, and the area under the stairs – a boot room may take an awkward shape. Carefully planned base units will keep clutter at bay with a range of sizes to suit any space.
            • 8. Lean on leftovers

              Let no materials go to waste by using solid wood off-cuts to craft compact and sturdy shelves to neatly stow away shoes. This is a great way to maximise space in tight areas, such as cupboards under the stairs.
            • 9. Stagger your storage

              Using wall cupboards of different depths is a stylish way to make a boot room appear more open, while providing a place to store bags and coats.
            • 10. Balance out with baskets

              Maintain an open and rustic by swapping out standard drawers with pull-out baskets. This keeps those outdoor essentials organised and always easy to get to.

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