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            How to Plan a Home Office

            With functional floorplans, storage solutions, and desk designs that enhance the remote working experience, discover how to plan a home office that suits daily life. Find tips to transform a spare room or empty corner into a practical and comfortable place to work. From professional set-ups to family-friendly designs, this guide offers ideas and inspiration for every workspace, plus product recommendations from our range to help bring a stylish study to life.

            • 1. Lead with layout

              Consider how you work when choosing a location. Room dividers create a space for focus, while an open-plan layout suits those undertaking housekeeping tasks. 
            • 2. Find your flow

              Think about frequently-used items when planning an office layout, so the design offers easy access to the equipment needed for working from home.
            • 3. Look at lighting

              Boost productivity and mental wellbeing by ensuring the area is well-lit at all times – essential for detailed tasks, working on a screen, or in the winter months.
            • 4. Prioritise power

              Plan a home office design with power sockets in convenient spots, like @pingcoombes, enabling you to stay connected and keep devices powered up.

            • 1. Go robust

              Choose a desk material that is hardwearing to withstand the demands of daily tasks, like @bhcarpentry's wooden counter that will provide years of durability.
            • 2. Ease everyday chores

              Pick a laminate surface like @homeatno_2b's that can be quickly wiped down to reduce cleaning time and keep the workspace spotless – handy for creative jobs. 
            • 3. Select a style

              Decide whether the desk should be built-in to maximise space for paperwork and equipment, or a freestanding piece that is custom-made to match the office.
            • 4. Look at length

              Be inspired by @waterhallreno's longer counter and dual workstation, great for creative collaboration, extra company, or simply mid-morning coffee meetings. 

            • 1. Conceal clutter

              Introduce tower cupboards, as shown in @jamesduhan's design, to boost the amount of storage for books and paper, making it easier to stay organised. 
            • 2. Do more with drawers

              Mix and match cupboards and drawers, like @thelondonhomeproject, to create a varied look that has dedicated areas for storing different items. 
            • 3. Free up walls

              Reduce visual distractions by choosing cupboards which are positioned below eye-level, for a workspace like @amyjohughes' where focus comes first. 
            • 4. Maximise storage

              Use wall units to boost organisation in a small layout, just like @zitajanehome's home office – useful if the workspace is part of a multipurpose living area. 

            • 1. Style-up shelves

              Follow @thelondonhomeproject's lead by displaying photographs and mementoes on open shelving, to add a personal touch and bring joy to everyday tasks.
            • 2. Mix hand grips

              Pick easy-to-grip hand pulls, similar to @zitajanehome's design, for fast access to storage, while finishing units with a personal and decorative touch.
            • 3. Look to laminate

              Choose durable laminate for a practical, low-maintenance floor that can be easily cleaned and used to recreate the look of premium materials on a smaller budget. 
            • 4. Protect privacy

              Keep commercially-sensitive paperwork securely stored away by fitting magnetic catches to office storage, ensuring business information remains safe and private.

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