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            Home Office Storage Ideas

            With solutions for an efficient and clutter-free workspace, this collection of home office storage ideas from Howdens features creative tips to organise a study. Discover remote working inspiration from the homes of real customers, including bespoke desk set-ups and clever ways to repurpose our products for a home office. These ideas show how the right storage can boost productivity, reduce desktop mess, and make every task more enjoyable.

            • 1. Declutter with drawers

              Enjoy easy access to notebooks, stationery, and other office essentials thanks to drawer units. @thelondonhomeproject has set them up in this compact area, keeping surfaces free of clutter for a more productive and efficient way to work.
            • 2. Mix up cabinetry

              Use different unit styles to configure storage that fits the available space. @waterhallrenohave used a combination of drawers and cupboards that can accommodate equipment of all sizes. 
            • 3. Dress to impress

              Style-up a study by showcasing books and decorative items on a dresser unit. This idea creates an impressive backdrop for video calls that adds personality to a professional set-up.
            • 4. Delve into deep storage

              Go for deeper drawers beneath a desk to create a home for larger essentials that are used regularly. This spacious storage can hold items including box files that could otherwise crowd a workspace. 
            • 5. Go bespoke

              Create a designer desk by using a length of countertop instead of standard office furniture. This creates a bigger workspace as well as added style points in a professional study area, like this idea from @amyjohughes
            • 6. Elevate office essentials

              Organise a smaller home office by making the most of vertical space with this small home office storage idea. Opting for wall cupboards can double the amount of storage available in a compact layout. 
            • 7. Transform with towers

              Maximise the height of a room by framing a desk with tall tower cupboards. @zitajanehome have used these units to boost organisation by providing flexible storage for everything from pens to paperwork.
            • 8. Smarten-up screen time

              Design a versatile venue for video meetings or presentations by incorporating a media area into a home office. For a savvy alternative to a sideboard, we recommend half-height units. 
            • 9. Repurpose a wine rack

              Modify a bottle holder for an ingenious alternative to standard office storage – a great place to keep plans or large-scale prints. @bhcarpentry has added this slim unit to organise essentials without occupying too much desk space.
            • 10. Make it multiuse

              Optimise a smaller room by introducing an island that can double up as a desk during the day and a dining area after work, complete with drawers for storing office kit.

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