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            How To Plan An Open Plan Kitchen Living Room

            Knowing how to plan an open-plan kitchen living room is important when creating a multi-functional room that combines cooking, lounging, and dining in one. By bringing people and activities together, this floorplan offers a flexible living space that can improve home and work life balance, quality family time, and entertaining. With these large layouts, expert planning is crucial to achieve a coordinated aesthetic around the home, while ensuring the format is highly functional.

            An open-plan kitchen living room is a large space, with no dividing walls, that blends cooking with dining, entertaining, or socialising in a single area.
            • Olga

              Is an open-plan kitchen living room a good idea?

              An open-plan kitchen living room is a great idea for large families, those that love to entertain, or homeowners that prefer accessible spaces as it creates a large area for many activities. 
            • theoldfarmhouseproject

              Does an open-plan kitchen living room add value?

              With the right planning, an open-plan kitchen living room can add value to a property, especially with an extension, as it offers a flexible format attractive to prospective buyers. 

            Design a layout that is fit for now and the  future, so an open-plan kitchen living room adapts to change with ease. Furniture can also be used to create invisible zones without walls.
            • The faithful island

              To prevent an open-plan room from feeling vacant, consider adding an island centrepiece like @house_no_5. This connects food prep and living areas while increasing counters for a variety of tasks.
            • Prepare for peninsula

              A peninsula design, like @ourhome_at1, uses a row of units that juts out from the wall to create a physical divide between living and cooking zones. This format is great for boosting storage.

            • Go single-wall for small

              When working with a small room, like @dustsheets_and_decor, a single wall setup will maximise space for extra zones. It also blends into the background for relaxing living areas.

            • Use U-shaped units 

              Similar to the peninsula, a u-shaped floorplan, as seen in @whitewoodproperty, can have a dividing bank of cupboards to separate activities. This layout is less crowded and improves accessibility.

            In a layout where everything is on show, smart storage ensures everyday clutter stays hidden. It also provides space to stow essentials, from movie-night media units to dining dressers.
            • Firm foundation

              Base units are the foundation of an open-plan space. Used for cooking, dining, or living, they are unsung heroes of an efficient setup, like @renoating_no.7's home.
            • Harness a room height

              Free up floor space in an open-plan room with towers. shows how the extra storage can be used for table essentials in a dining zone. 

            • Do more with drawers

              Drawers offer ample and accessible storage for all zones in an open-plan room. We like how @c_rprojects uses them for a floating media centre. 
            • Build in bins

              Keep mess hidden with integrated bins just like @insidenumber100. Fitted behind a cupboard door, this option blends with the surrounding units for a uniform look.
            See kitchen storage

            Whether it is to limit noise, combat fragrant smells, or disguise unsightly clutter - the right equipment can transform an open-plan living area from fashionable to highly functional.
            • Clean the air

              Prevent cooking odours, grease, and steam from travelling to other zones with a high-powered extractor that covers the room's square footage. 
            • Keep it quiet

              Pick laundry machines that have a lower noise rating to prevent unwanted distractions when relaxing or working from home in an open living space.
            • Pick a multipurpose model

              Save space in an open-plan layout by choosing multifunctional laundry equipment that washes and dries clothes in one machine.
            • Reduce visual clutter

              Create a minimal aesthetic in an open-plan kitchen living room by opting for integrated equipment, which sits behind cupboard doors  for a streamlined look.

            For the final flourish in an open-plan space, consider how fixtures can complement the activities carried out in this room. 
            • Add flexible features

              Convert an open-plan kitchen living room into broken plan using room dividers. By closing off an area or expanding available space, it can cater for different tasks.
            • Layer lighting

              Mix and match different lights to illuminate everyday activities. This will also make it easy to adjust the ambience of each zone taking it from day to night.

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