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            Budget Utility Room Ideas

            This guide to budget utility room ideas covers money-saving tips, like picking timeless colours and long-lasting materials, as well as inexpensive interior designs. Find inspiration for a low-cost laundry thanks to our affordable, achievable looks. They are easy to recreate or style with your own spin, making it easy to get a utility room for less. There’s also utility room inspiration from real homes, showing how to save on a practical space by being creative with our products.


            • 1. Enduring Appeal

              Take inspiration from @my_best_laid_plans by choosing a slab design. With timeless simplicity. they have a subtle look that stays in style for longer.
            • 2. Subtle shades

              Pick neutral décor, which is always on trend so offers lasting value for money. @300_years_in_the_making chose white to make a small space feel bigger.
            • 3. Streamlined style

              Concealed behind a cupboard door, integrated units bring clean lines and clutter-free appeal – a simple, affordable trick for achieving a luxurious look.
            • 4. Money saving materials

              Get the most from a savings pot by opting for laminate surfaces. This helped @bungalow_renovation_project_ use the style of an oak counter for less.
            Allendale Dove Grey Main Set Shot
            Pocket-friendly picks

            Save money, stay stylish – our best on budget collection brings together affordable designs that stand the test of time. So, you can keep costs down without compromising on quality.

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            • 5. Rustic refresh

              Protect walls from wear and tear by using panelling. An affordable addition that adds character, they can be quickly repainted, as @cadtokitchen shows.

            • 6. Two-for-one features

              Keep costs down by buying a sink and tap as a pack. It is a cost-effective way to finish a washing area, with similar styles paired – matching made easy.
            • 7. Housework hero

              A washer dryer is the secret to an affordable utility room. Buying a multipurpose machine frees up funds as well as floorspace – handy in a smaller home.
            • 8. Space saviour

              Hooks are a cheap and cheerful storage solution and quick to retrofit. Use to hang the bits and bobs needed nearby, making the most of every inch of space.
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            Lamona products pair the latest technology and fashion-forward designs, at prices made with you in mind. Look for energy-saving features to enjoy even better savings on laundry day.

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            • 9. Fuss-free floors

              Pick laminate, the material of choice for budget utility spaces. From laundry spills to muddy shoes, dirt is no match for these hardwearing, low-maintenance floors.
            • 10. Low-cost looks

              Switch things up with new handles, as shown here by @pingcoombes who chose a D-shaped design. They are an inexpensive and quick way to refresh a room.
            • 11. Update your details

              Spruce up your space in a simple way by refreshing the woodwork. Invest in fresh skirting to give a well-used utility a new lease of life.
            • 12. On the bright side

              Natural light can make all the difference to a gloomy laundry room. Swap to a glazed doorway to bring in the brightness without breaking the bank.

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