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            Small Utility Room Ideas

            These small utility room ideas explore how to utilise every part of a room and create a workable area for household tasks, whether it is a spot of cleaning or doing the laundry. Often these rooms can be an afterthought, resulting in more cramped areas, especially in newer properties where space is at a premium. So, this utility room inspiration includes storage ideas and style tips to make the most of the room available. There are also examples from real customer homes, which demonstrate how to use these ideas for maximum impact.

            • Brighten the mood

              Choose a white finish on cupboard doors for an airy feel, just like @no_sixteen. The light palette creates a blank canvas that makes a small room appear spacious.
            • Choose neutral grey

              For a cosy take on neutral decor, consider cool grey. @just_another_house_reno uses a place hue to brighten their space without the room looking stark.
            • Get reflective

              A gloss finish has a reflective surface that bounces light, giving the impression of space. It also provides a modern aesthetic, as shown by @srdpropertyservices.
            • Simplify with slab

              For a small laundry room idea that is easy on the eye, invest in slab units. @my_best_laid_plans uses this single-piece style to reduce visual clutter.
            • Think vertically

              Make use of vertical space in a compact utility to store more clutter out of sight. @300years_in_the_making chose towers to maximise the full height of their room.
            • Go deeper

              Make functional features work harder, like @ourcornerbythewoods. They chose a Belfast sink, which has a larger capacity for rinsing delicates and boots.
            • Head down under

              Use under-sink storage to turn vacant space into valuable storage for cleaning supplies. This small utility room idea will also keep essentials close by.
            • Stack smart

              For a small laundry room idea that takes design to new heights, stack equipment vertically. @mike_mac_carpentry has uses a dedicated laundry kit the mount a washer and dryer on top of each other- freeing up floor space.

            • Combine machines

              Consider consolidating laundry equipment with a washer dryer, like @renovatingnumber8. This frees up space for other elements, such as storage.

            • Save space with shelves

              Use work surface offcuts to create shelves, just like @shirliekemp. Recycling unused material - it declutters counters and offers an extra place to stow items.

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