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Cutlery Trays

Storing kitchen utensils in a cutlery tray will make finding everything needed for dinner quicker. Designed to have a shallow depth to fit into cutlery drawers, these trays have built-in dividers to make organising cutlery easy. Each section has a different height to accommodate different-sized utensils and there are multiple configurations to choose from. A neutral grey colour is available, as well as a timber option for those who want to complement a natural look or for homes wanting to minimise plastic.
8 Products
    • Standard Cutlery Tray
    • Timber Shallow Cutlery Drawer
    • Shallow Cutlery Drawer
    • Shallow Cutlery Drawer Front
    • Shallow Cutlery Drawer
    • Upgrade Cutlery Tray
    • Upgrade Anthracite Cutlery Tray
    • Upgrade Timber Cutlery Tray

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